How to Get YouTube Red For Free on Android 2019

YouTube Red is the best thing which is launched by Google. The other best thing is that you won’t see any ads on youtube and also you will be able to watch the youtube videos in the background and listen to the music and this is what the features of YouTube red. Today, I will tell you the way to get the amazing Youtube Red for free on Android.

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There are peoples who are publishing the article about the way they got the feature of youtube red on their android device for free. You might have seen that none of these features are working.

Now, YouTube red is just available for the peoples who are staying in the United States. People of other countries like Canada, India they don’t get these features. Today, I won’t be saying the way you can get the full youtube red application on your phone.

I will be telling you the way you can enjoy those feature. If you really want to enjoy those features then you need to have a rooted Android device and Xposed installer installed on your phone which is important if you want to work with it.

There are many modules available which will help you out to do so and this is having amazing features but I found this module one of the best and the working one and today I will tell you the way you can run this module on your phone and how you can get these features of Youtube Red for free.

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YouTube Red For Free on Android 2019

Now in this article, I won’t be telling you to buy something and then ask for the refund or something. I will just show you the way you can easy get those feature right on your Android device.

If I say features, then this is something you should know the features and those are Youtube videos in the play ground and also no ads on youtube.

This features will only work only on your phone and you should be logged into your Gmail account and this is how it will work. If you will login using your computer on youtube then this won’t work.

This feature will work in all the Android phones which are having the Xposed installed and it will work fine if you are having the Xposed installed on your phone no matters if it is System-Less or Normal Xposed installed on your phone.

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How to YouTube Red For Free on Android 2019

  • Download and install all the files are given in the above requirements and make sure that you have root access on your phone.

Youtube Red for Free Android

  • Now, Install the YouTube Background PlayBack Module on your phone and you may get the unknown source warning.

Youtube Red for Free Android

  • Click on Settings and Toggle the Unknown Sources and now install the application once again.

Youtube Red for Free Android

  • You don’t need to open the application and you will check out the option to reboot your phone and activate the module. just click on it and you are almost done.
  • Open any YouTube videos and play it then press home key and then you are enjoying the feature of Youtube red and if you will check out the notification settings you will check the option saying that you are enjoying the youtube red experience right on your phone.

Youtube Red for Free Android


If you are getting The log error:: Could not enable background playback for the YouTube app. Your installed version of it is not supported.

Ans) Please install 10.40.58 version. It will work fine.

Video Tutorial:

Final Verdict:

Now, you know the way you to enable and get YouTube Red features for Free on your Android phone. I found this module great and the working one. I hope you will love this module too.

Share this article with your friends. If they are really very much busy in youtube then they will surely love this article and the way they can enable these features.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. If you face any issues or difficulty while following this article then you can surely comment below. Peace out.

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