How to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation on Android

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging application which helps us to chat with our friends, family and our relatives. Nowadays many of them are searching for an app to decrypt the data of WhatsApp. They can know what they are doing exactly. We won’t be sharing the way to spy on your friends but we will tell you the way to create fake WhatsApp conversation on your Android.

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If you are interested in creating the fake conversation and prank your friends then you can download an application which is called as WhatsFake. Download this application from Play store and it will help you to create your own fake conversation of WhatsApp.

WhatsFake is having the same user interface as that of WhatsApp which will help you to create the fake conversation with your friends and amazing play store ratings. You can send the new emoji and create the fake conversation anytime you want and it is totally free.

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation


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Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation on Android

You can easily create fake WhatsApp conversation. There are the shortcut keys to take the screenshot of the chats and they will be shocked. You can change the status of the text message and set the last seen also add the profile picture to any chat and change the author of the message.

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When you will create the fake WhatsApp conversation you don’t need a rooted device. There are some ads in the application but in the main conversation screen you won’t find any ads and this is the most important part of creating a fake conversation of WhatsApp.

There are a number of apps which help you to create the fake WhatsApp conversation but they are not working anymore just because of too many bugs and they are not maintained and updated anymore.

Note – This Application Is Just For Fun Purpose Only

How to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation on Android

  • Download WhatsFake application from here: Play Store.
  • Open the application and Green floating button to create the fake conversation.

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation

  • Click on the Contact Name and change the details and last seen of that message.

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation

  • That’s it! Click the back button and save the details. If you need you can also apply the profile picture.
  • Whenever you will write the message you will get an option. You can select it and choose whether it is receiver message or sender.

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation

  • Take a screenshot and send it to your friends.


  • Change content of Message
  • Change Receiving Time of Message
  • Read All Messages without appearing online on WhatsApp


  • You can easily modify the Messages without any issues
  • Simple User interface
  • Read all the messages without appearing online on WhatsApp
  • You can also change the chats of groups


  • Requires Root Access
  • Sometimes this application crashes


How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack

  • Make sure that you have completed all the above requirements before proceeding to next step
  • You have to back up your WhatsApp chats by going into Settings > Chats and Calls > Backup Chats
  • Now After backing up WhatsApp chats open the WhatsHack application and Press at the logo to allow root access in your device


  • After allowing the root access you will see several chats available on the application

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • Now, Open the chat whichever you want to modify it

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • After that click on chat of the person and click on Modify. If you want to modify the group you can also do that easily by clicking on group

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

  • After modifying it close the WhatsHack application and check the chats of yours and you can easily send him screenshots of the chats.

WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message

Working Proof:


WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message



WhatsHack Modify WhatsApp Message


  • Whenever WhatsHack crash try clearing the data of WhatsHack and try again
  • Getting error in assessing chat database make sure you have back up the data and then try again

Final Words:

This was the tutorial about How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack and you can easily prank your friends by sending the chats of your whatsapp and they will be like when did I send this to you? Crash Your Friends WhatsApp Easily By WhatsApp Bomber (No Root). I have tried this application if you are getting error in this application you can try those above trouble shooting methods. If then too you are getting issues you can shoot the comment below. Thank you for visiting and keep updated with more tricks stay tuned and peace out…

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