How To Solve Video Not Available In Your Country Error On YouTube

Hey Fellas! As we all watch YouTube daily in our life so sometime you might be encountering error of YouTube video is not available in your country. Many of times some youtube uploader doesn’t want people to watch their video in some countries and sometimes there is an error while uploading. I used to download some serials for my mom and from some days, I was getting an error of video is not available in your country. You may also like Create Your Own Sms Bomber Website For FreeThat was an Indian Channel and I don’t know why I was getting that error? Then my mom used to tell me that download those video any how then I looked into Google for some videos but there were fake links and many other errors while downloading. Also checkout How To Get Facebook Flat Design On Google ChromeThen If I get any working site it was having fake download buttons which is irritating a lot. Then today I checked out some video from which We can view the videos of YouTube even if it is not available in your country. I tried TubeMate Several times but didn’t worked for me. Also checkout Download YouTube Video Easily By 3 Various Methods EasilyThen finally I found a great site from which you can download the videos of YouTube and watch it no matter you are using computer or your Android smart phone or any iPhone Gadget.

Solve Video Not Available In Your Country Error On YouTube

There is a website from which you can download this YouTube video without installing any software and you can watch those videos  after downloading it. This is a free website which having a good speed of downloading and one can easily download this with the single click or by remembering 2 alphabets. Also checkout How To Use Two WhatsApp Account In One Mobile Phone. Whenever you see any error of video is not available in your country then you can easily download those video by pasting the 2 alphabets “SS” in the URL box. Isn’t it quite amazing. I will be teaching you how to do that and it is really very simple and lucid to understand. You don’t need any deep knowledge just one click and you are good to go. You will find many tutorials which will be saying you that you can view this videos by downloading the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or by clicking on any proxy site. No one wants to go so deep, Everyone wants the things to be simple and easy to understand. So checkout the below steps and proceed and if any difficulty then you can shoot a comment below. You may also check this out Why Freecharge And Paytm Ain’t Giving Offers To Airtel

How To Solve Video Not Available In Your Country Error On YouTube

  • Firstly Visit YouTube and checkout the video which is not available in your country or should say in India.

YouTube video Error

  • In my case I found this video my mom likes to watch this videos so we will be trying with this serials
  • Now, Check the website URL there you will see a YouTube link
  • Now, Your URL will be looking like this


  • Now, add SS before like given below


  • No matter the alphabet is capital or small you just have to enter the alphabet and you are good to go
  • Now,  You will check out new website which will you the thumbnail of YouTube video and you can click on the download button and the video will automatically get downloaded within some minutes and the speed will also be fast.

save form net download

Alternate Method

If you are facing difficulty in downloading the video then you can check out this method and it is same as above but it is a bit lengthy process so lets check out.

  • Firstly visit the youtube downloading site from here –    SaveFrom.Net
  • Copy the URL which you have to download or video and paste the URL in the website box

  • Now hit enter or click on the “>” and then you are good to go. Then you can download those videos.


This way you can download the YouTube videos without any third-party software and enjoy the video which are not available in your country. This tutorial worked for me and with the great downloading speed you may check out and let me know in the comment section. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tricks and tips like this and peace out.

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