How To Create a Self Destructive Message

Hey Fellas! So today I am coming up with the new trick about self destructive message. You would have seen films such as mission impossible in which there is self destructive message it means if the user reads the message which is just for him only and when he will read that message completely the message will automatically self destruct. Seems like very interesting right? So today, I found one website in which you can write the message and it will give you one link and if you will share that link with your friend who ever will read that message first he will be able to see your message and rest will not just because the message will be destroyed once the user have read your message by visiting that link

About Privnote

There is a website which is named as in which if you want to send message to anyone that too privately just for fun, you can use this trick in which this site comes up with different features and functions in which one of the feature is that if you want to send message to anyone and you want to self destruct this message after one hour or the time you want to set this message will automatically self destruct the message. You can also keep password to view that note so that to view that note you need to enter the password

How To Create a Self Destructive Message

Step 1: Firstly visit this website from here –

Step 2: Write a secret note about what you have to send to your friend


Step 3: If you will tap on Show Option there you will see different settings


Step 4: Now create the note and you will get the unique link share that link to your friend on WhatsApp or anything


Step 5: Whenever your friend will open this link he can see this message or else you can simply destroy the message from your side

Now share with your friends and enjoy this trick. Now share with your friends and keep visiting for more tricks like this and thank you for visiting.

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  1. Hi Xaif, Interesting but it seems like it’s just for fun and not really any value. Excuse me if I am wrong. I think it might be funny. Not sure though.


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