How To Speed Up Your Android Device Without Root

Today android is the only mobile in the market which is sold and many of the people’s uses android only. I am not again iOs or anything like that but if I love android it is the only reason I can loot by many of the methods for example. I have shown you the method some days back, I have posted loot of Gigato Application which is unfortunately stopped and some days back it was the loot of Mobikwik to get 10 Rs free recharge

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Many of the mobile phone which is getting gleach, or we can say getting hang so by this trick I will show you how to solve this issue of gleach so this method can be solved by 5 methods lets come to it.

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Method Of How To Speed Up Your Android Device

  1. Manage Your internal application storage
  2. Remove unnecessary widget
  3. Remove Transition effects (Animation)
  4. Update your device
  5. Remove background running application

#Manage Your internal application storage

So many of us install many of the application in our device which makes our device too slow because of that we can’t use our mobile phones properly and if you are using MTK chipset mobile phone so you can easily internal app storage. Remove the unwanted application from your device which takes the high amount of memory for example Google Plus, Google I know this applications are system app but you can uninstall the updates

#Remove unnecessary widget

Many of the people’s uses widget and many of them doesn’t know that widgets slow down your device by occupying Random access memory(RAM) because widgets usually runs in background so try removing the unwanted widgets which you don’t use and try to keep your screen clean in a sense not removing everything just keep those application which you use the most.





#Remove Transition effects (Animation)

So today new mobile phones such as Coolpad, Redmi and etc have their own transition which occupies the batteries, and ram too so of that you can remove the effects from your device, transition can be removed by following the below steps :-

  • Open your Phone Setting and go to About Phone
  • Tap on build Number 5 Times to enable developer option
  • Now Go back and go to developer option and switch on the setting and search for Windows transition scale and change the value to 0.0

#Update Your Device

Updating your device to latest version will remove the bugs from your device so try to keep your mobile phone updated to the latest version. You can easily check for your phone updates from About Phone and checking for latest updates


#Remove background running application 

Some of the applications occupies more ram and it usually runs in the back ground for example clash of clan this application runs in background like you receive the notification about your Air Defense is upgraded and all that types of notification can be executed while these application runs in background now you can even take example of WhatsApp even whatsapp runs your background memory to solve this issues you can do force stop or by removing those unwanted application.

Stay tuned for more offer tricks and loots 😉