How To Stop Android Apps Running In The Background (2 Methods)

Hey Fellas! We have already discussed about many tip and tricks in Android. In today’s article we are coming up with the new trick in which, how can you stop your Android apps in running in the background. To use this trick you can use 2 Methods for stopping those application from running in the background. In method 1 you can easily use Greenify application and you required root for this method and in method 2 you don’t require rooted mobile phone and you can easily do all the processes without any software.

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In Android operating system you can do a lot of customization and tweaking but while using some application we almost forget to close those applications and because of that applications, battery consumption goes high and the RAM consumption goes high and then mobile phone gets hangs because of the applications which are consuming high amount of RAM in the mobile phone. We can use this methods to stop applications running in the background

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Method 1: Using Greenify Application (ROOT)

Greenify application allows you to kill the background running applications and saves your memory too but it requires rooted Android mobile phone. We have previously shared about How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Smart Phone. In this tutorial we have already written about how can you save your android phone battery life and with the same method you can also use for stooping the background running application in your phone.

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Method 2: Using Developer Option (Without Root)

If you are not having root access you can even stop background running application and this is inbuilt trick in which you don’t have to install any application. So before trying this method you have to turn on the developer option

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  • Firstly you have to switch on developer option so now click on Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap on build number 7-10 times and your developer options will get activated).


  • Now it will show you that your developer option is on so now you go back Setting  -> Developer Option
  • Scroll down and you will see an option of Background Process Limit 


  • Tap on it and now click on No Background process it will kill all those application which are running in the background and you are all done.


This was the process in which your mobile consumes a lot of RAM and memory and consumes RAM so from this tutorial you can fix up this error and you can easily revert back by deleting greenify application and changing the phone setting. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more updates 😉

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