A YouTuber Convinced Users to Drill 3.5mm Slot into Their iPhone 7 and They Really Did it !

I am a YouTube fan and when someone breaks an iPhone it makes me happy and in this a Youtuber name as TechRax. He recently Convinced Users to Drill 3.5mm slot into their iPhone 7.

As we all know Apple recently launched their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which is booming in the market nowadays. But the thing is people are really disappointed in which there is no earphone jack.

This was a humor video and of course no one will do that thing in their mobile phone. You won’t do it in your iPhone 7 right? Just because it’s new and you won’t ruined your smartphone doing that thing.

The craze of iPhone jack has been gone so crazy that peoples are finding hacks and tricks to get iPhone 7 Jack but believe me there is nothing like that and you can’t add a jack in your iPhone 7.

A YouTuber Convinced Users to Drill 3.5mm slot into their iPhone 7

Peoples has gone so crazy related to this thing that this video got 14 Millions views and that is really too high and when you will view the comments you will be shocked that people really did this hack in their iPhones.

This video got 1,65,000 likes and 97,000 dislikes. This is nothing but people also did comments that this hack actually worked for them and was having around 45,000 comments saying that.

Some people tried to drill their phone and because of low charge their phone didn’t switched on and someone were like it actually worked.

Check out the video:

Check out the Comments:




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Final Verdict

This was just fake video tutorial. If you are having an iPhone 7 I will really suggest you not to try it on your device.

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