Google Assistant V/s Siri! Who is Better?

Google has recently launched is AI which is known as Google Assistant. Which is been nowadays a trending stories. It is having amazing features and do many things. Today I am going to tell you about the Google Assistant V/s Siri who is better in both of them.

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Google made their first Android device and it came up with AI and many more advance features. Which was amazing and launched only in their new Pixel phone. Even Nexus phone didn’t get the update of Google assistant yet.

Marques Brownlee recently published a video in which he tested Android Google Assistant and iPhone Siri. They had a great competition and results were awesome.

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The Google Assistant and Siri both were fast and while providing information in case of Google Assistant was providing limited and short and sweet from Google. The siri was providing information using Wikipedia or bing search 

According to the recent updates of iPhone iOS 10. The iPhone siri has came up with a lot of improvements and it was amazing.

In some cases Google Assistant was way better than siri and in some cases Siri was better then then Google. The learning capability of both the devices were better.

There were some test done between both the Al and they were ask several questions such as calculations, whether and many more.

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Google Assistant V/s Siri

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Google Assistant V/s Siri! Who is Better?

Google Assistant V/s Siri: Whether

This was the best question asked to both of them in which both the mobile were way faster in answering the question in which Google assistant read the current day temperature, and Siri showed the chart of whether.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Calculations

Both the devices were equal and give the proper answers of the questions.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Opening Apps

Both the devices open the application in the same speed. The opening speed of instagram was amazing.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Setting Timers and Alarms

The timer setting speed was also pretty good and which was amazing in both the phones.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Business Information

Marques Brownlee ask them the question about where is the post office located, what are the working hours both of them given the correct answer and also in a good time.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Stock Information

In this question the Siri was really amazing in terms of answering the questions in which Marques Brownlee asked the stock price of Tesla in which siri gave full information of the stock prices and ups and down in the same place Google Assistant just read the stock price.

Google Assistant VS Siri: General Questions

While answering the general question both were good in which Marques Brownlee asked them questions such as Who is president of USA then many other questions. In which he asked the height of the president and many more other questions.

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Google Assistant VS Siri: Song Recognition

This was really disappointed in which  Marques Brownlee played a music in which siri gave the answer and Google assistant was still searching for the answer and it didn’t gave the proper answer.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Picture Search

Then the next question was asked to show the images of cats in which Google Assistant showed the images of personal photographs whereas Siri showed the images of Bing search.

Google Assistant VS Siri: Personality

This was the place where Siri was too serious to tell a joke in which Google Assistant told a good joke which wa s a bit bouncer.



Google Assistant V/s Siri! Who is Better?

Android Google Assitant
iPhone Siri

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Final Verdict:

In the end if we will see the question answers of both the Al then Brownlee concluded that Google Assistant in better in knowing what actually the user wants. This was really a tough competition between them and I hope in the next update of Google will be bringing up the new updates.

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