How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android

Today, WhatsApp has officially launched the newer version of WhatsApp in which you can activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android. This is feature is not for all users.

WhatsApp is been used by millions of users. This feature is been available only for beta users. There are some settings which you need to configure it before activating this features.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has launched his beta version system in which they can enjoy the newer version of WhatsApp. If they want to enjoy newer functionality then they can such as newer emoji, newer accessibility and functions.

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I have tried this version of WhatsApp in my device and it worked perfect for me. Some of my friends tested this version in their mobile phones too. In some phones if this feature is not working then you can follow some steps which I will be telling you below.

In this beta version of WhatsApp you will find some minor bugs in this application. You won’t find major bugs but you can enjoy the video calling using this application and chat with your friends.

There are many tutorial available on Google but all of them are fake not working. It wont be working in their phones till it is not from server side.

If your phone is rooted then this method is easy and you can do so with the help of one application called as WA Tweaks which will be helping you to edit your shared pref folder of WhatsApp without coding.

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Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

What Is WhatsApp Shared Pref Folder?

In shared pref folder there are settings for WhatsApp. There are some settings which is not for you but for developers. You need to edit these command adding some lines of codes or editing the WhatsApp using Chmod command.

Chmod 777 command is used to give the application read write execute permission in a linux machine. The same will be happening in this guide. We won’t be using any command or something. We will directly use this feature.

This Feature is Available for All Users?

Yes, this feature is available for all the users only if you and your friend is having WhatsApp Version 2.16.318. Make sure you both have same Android version or else this guide won’t work for you.

This guide is not available for iPhone as soon as it is available we will be updating this post to its latest version.

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Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android

If you are having a Rooted Android device then you can activate this feature using WhatsApp Tweaks application. If not then you need to install WhatsApp application again.

If you are having the 2.16.318 version and your friend is having the same then you can do video call to him to activate the feature of video calling in his mobile phone.

Now, this feature is available for all the Android version and you can enjoy it. I have checked the quality of video call and it is amazing and in the next beta version they will be improving it soon.

Let’s get started to this guide.


  • WA Tweaks (Root) : Download
  • Working Internet Connection

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android (All Users)

  • Firstly, Take a full backup of chats by going into Settings > Chats

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • Now, uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp in your phone.

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • Now, install the newer version of WhatsApp in your phone.


  • Make sure you enable unknown Sources in your phone

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • Go to Settings and Enable unknown sources.
  • Now, install the WhatsApp application in your device.

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • Make sure you complete all your registration process and then open your chats.
  • Press Call button and checkout that Video call feature is enabled or not. If yes then install the same version of WhatsApp in your friend’s mobile phone and done.

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • If you are having Non-Rooted device then run the installation again.

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How to Activate WhatsApp Video Call Feature if not activated (Rooted Users)

  • Download and install WA Tweaks in your device.
  • Now, open WA Tweaks and there you will see an option of Activate Video Calls.

Activate WhatsApp Video Calling

  • Press it and Grant the Root permission and then done!

Download WA Tweak

  • Now, open your WhatsApp and check video call feature is been activated in your device.

Video Tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) My video call feature is not activated yet after following the above procedure I have non-rooted device?

Answer: Please! Try it once again and if it is still not getting activated then ask your friend to do video call in your phone. If He/she is having rooted device.

Make sure you have Version 2.16.318 and then install it in your device.

Q.2) It is compulsory to use 2.16.318 verison?

Answer: Yes! It is compulsory to use 2.16.318 or higher.

We will be updating this part once we will be getting the questions in comment section.


Maaz Mansuri

Final Verdict:

This way you can easily install and Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

If you have any questions or doubts then feel free to shoot a comment below and I will surely help you out. Share this article with your friends and peace out.

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