How to Get MIUI 9 Themes on Your MIUI 8 Device

We all know that MIUI 9 which is coming soon for almost every Xiaomi Android devices. We also know that it is coming with along with some great themes and features which you will love it. If you don’t like to wait for the updates and want to try the new themes on your phone then you can Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8 device easily following the below tutorial.

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If you have seen the latest MIUI 9 then it is coming with really some great features and tweaks and at the same side, you will see that even Android O is coming with the latest improvement and new tweaks and design.

We have seen that Xiaomi phones have one of the best features which is the theme and you will do anything to give a try to the new look and make your Xiaomi device wonderful using this latest MIUI 9 Themes on your Android phone.

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Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

How to Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8 Device

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Extract the zip file using ES-File Explorer.
  • Open the MIUI Theme editor on your phone and click on browse.
  • Navigate the folder where you have extracted the theme files.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Select the theme of your choice from the downloaded themes.
  • There are 3 themes available and you can choose between Color Fantasy, Cool Black, and Limitless.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Now, when the file will be selected click on Start button. Don’t do any changes and click Next.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Add the file name of your choice and click on Finish button.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Now, you will get a confirmation asking do you wish to install the theme click on ok. Once the theme is installed press OK again.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Open your phone themes app and then click on the downloaded button.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • You can browse to the downloaded theme and open it and apply the theme.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Follow this instruction and you can easily get MIUI 9 themes on MIUI 8.

New MIUI 9 Themes:

We all know that the update is a little bit far a couple of months so if the update is not available you can easily give a try to the new themes of MIUI 9 and enjoy the look and feel of it.

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This file is already been downloaded by 14000 peoples and I will suggest you give a try to this theme on your phone and enjoy the latest 3 new themes.

There are 3 themes Cool Black, Color Fantasy, and Limitless. The cool black theme is a dark theme with dark black and gray color combination. The Color Fantasy is the bright theme and if you like something bright and cool color combination so I will suggest you give a try to this theme. The last theme is limitless and it is a material design theme with Google Ideology and we have loved the Google new material design concept.

Video Tutorial:

If you still face some issues or difficulty then you will love to see the way you can install the MIUI 9 themes on your phone by watching the tutorial.

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Final Verdict:

This was the article, about the way you can get MIUI 9 themes on MIUI 8. We love when some features of the upcoming updates are available for our phone a bit early.

If you are having a Xiaomi phone then you should give a try to this theme and the best part of this application is that you can easily use this app without even rooting your phone so everyone can enjoy this application.

Share this article with your friends and I hope they will love this article and would like to enjoy this theme on their phone too.

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