How To Chat On Facebook App Without Installing Facebook Messenger [Updated]

Facebook Chat Enabler

Hey Fellas! You might be using Facebook application on your Android device. When you will be checking the messenger it is mandatory to install the messenger in your device, then only you can chat with your friends. We are back with a guide in which we are going to talk about Facebook chat enabler.

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Actually Facebook is the application which is used by many peoples and there are billions of peoples who uses Facebook application. Some days back I have heard about the news that soon play store is going to pulled out facebook application.

Just because of it takes too much of memory and RAM in your device. Which is irritating a lot. Facebook is used everyday in our daily life and people’s like to checkout their Facebook account daily in their life. Facebook gives news and you can actually play games and many more. Nowadays Facebook is becoming smarter day by day by its filter of the image and many more which is really a good thing.

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Nowadays Facebook has launched many applications which has different to check news feeds, and if you have to checkout groups then you can checkout the application of Facebook Groups. If something is became mandatory while using Facebook is that you need to download the Facebook messenger in your device which is sometimes irritating.

Because some months back the messenger app wasn’t mandatory to install and now it is, which is disadvantage of the Facebook app.

Facebook Chat Enabler

Chat On Facebook App Without Installing Facebook Messenger

Nowadays many of them would be having problem to install the facebook messenger. Because Facebook messenger takes more memory as compared to other applications.

The time when facebook makes that application mandatory to install is the worst thing which is not loved by anyone around the world. Because of its RAM consumption.

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Facebook messenger takes about 60 to 80 MB RAM of your device which is really not good at all. Facebook messenger sometimes hangs our device too. Which is a bad factor of the messenger.

So in today’s article we are going to share about an application which will create package which will make the Facebook app to think that Facebook messenger is already installed in your device but the user is using another Facebook account in the messenger.

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So it will allow you to use the facebook messenger in your device. This is easy tutorial which you can follow up and if any issues you can comment below.


  • Doesn’t requires root access
  • Doesn’t takes more memory


  • It doesn’t works on mobile devices which are above 6.0


  • Facebook Application
  • Facebook Chat Enabler – Download
  • Some Patience

How To Chat On Facebook App Without Installing Facebook Messenger Using Facebook Chat Enabler

Step 1: Download and install all the applications which are given in the above requirements

Step 2: Login or Sign up with your Facebook account

Step 3: Now, open the Facebook chat enabler and you will check the install button

Step 4: Click on the install button and it will install another application which would be of small size

Step 5: Now, after downloading install the application

Step 6: Now delete the application which we have installed in our requirement which is having a skull icon

Step 7: You will checkout the another application with the facebook messenger icon. When you will open the application it will crash so don’t Uninstall the application

Step 8: Go to play store and switch off the automatic update of the Facebook messenger.


Now, You can chat with your Facebook application without installing Facebook messenger. The only disadvantage of the application is that if you are having the messenger application doesn’t works in the newer version of Android which is version 6.0. I have tried this application in my CoolPad Note 3 lollipop and it is working absolutely fine. Thank you for visiting. If you face any difficulty feel free to comment below and stay tuned for more tips and tricks and peace out.

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