How To Change Boot Animation On Android

Hey Fellas! As we all know that Android is known for its customization and many more feature which is loved by everyone around this world. If you have Android then you can do any changes you just think that you have to change settings color? You don’t like white color you can even do this changes by rooting your smart phone. We have also shared about Prank Your Friends With Network Spoofer Application Rooting allows you to do customize your Android and cross the limits of customize so when you have rooted your smart phone then why not to take advantage of this settings and crossing the limits but while customizing backup is the most important thing which you have take care of it. We have also shared about Install Dolby Atmos On Your Android Device Or else you might lose your important backup in your Android. In today’s article we are going to share about how to change your boot animation. You can also do that easily if you are having root access in your device.

Change Boot Animation In Android

You might be thinking how is it possible to change the stock Android boot animation. You can, even do that easily by using application there are 2 methods from which you can easily change your boot animations. We have also shared about Stop Android Apps Running In The Background  There are many other boot animation available on XDA forums and if you are having interest in making your own boot animation you even do that easily by using GIF images or else you can search on google for how to create your own boot animation and you can change it. We have also shared about Unblock Blocked Website On Android For all these you need to be a geek who is really stuck to technology.

walking boot animation

Basically this boot animation is available in your root directory which you are not allowed to touch. If you want to do changes then you need a rooted mobile phone and you can do changes in your mobile, by taking backup of your old boot animation. Then placing the new animation in the same directory and you can easily do that changes. If you Don’t know about it? Don’t worry I will explain you. You may also like Get Free Sample In India Of Rs 200+ With Free Delivery Now let’s do changes with your system. Follow these methods so that you can do changes with your system. If you don’t get the step so please comment below and don’t proceed to further step and now let’s get started with it.


How To Change Boot Animation In Your Android Device

#Method 1

  • Download and install ES file explorer from here – Play Store
  • Open the application and click on the left side and click on Tool and switch on Root Explorer

Change boot animation

  • Now after switching on then click on “/” and now go to System>Media and there you will see a file of




  • Rename that file so that it will be backed up in your root file manager for example rename that file as
  • Download the boot animation files from XDA Forums from here – Download Boot Animation
  • Download the files and move the files in System>media
  • Now reboot your device and the boot animation will be changed of your device

You can easily do changes with this method but the main disadvantage of this method is that you have to download the boot animation again and again to minimize this you can easily this method 2 from which you can directly change boot animation


#Method 2

You can  also change this boot animation with the help of application which is available on play store and open the application and change it and there are some animation available from which you can choose any of your choice

  • Download and install boot animation application from here – Play Store
  • Open the application and now click on Server and choose any of he boot animation of your choice


  • Click on the Preview to check the animation and if you will click on install it will automatically change the boot animation of your device


  • Now the boot animation has been changed in your device and click on the restart and check out the new boot animation of your device
  • Please make sure that you have taken the backup of your old animation by doing the above steps

Final Words:

From this way you can easily change the boot animation of your android device. The main step is to take the backup of your device and you need a rooted mobile phone to this settings and if you feel any difficulty shoot a comment below and keep visiting for more tricks of android and Thank You for visiting and Peace Out.

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