13 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

Android is one of the operating system which is used by billions of peoples. There are many developers and coders who really know what actually android can do. What are the actual settings and configurations which your android could do without installing any third party application in your android device. This is the reason we are coming up with the article in which I am going to tell you about 13 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do. This word was nothing in the year 2007 and after many versions such as Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Jellybean this Android became one of the powerful operating systems.

When you are using your Android device you see that some of the settings are hidden and you really don’t check them inside your settings. Just because you Android device can do so many things when your device is non-rooted. You can do anything with your device with the help of application from the third party and as well as internal applications.

13 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

1. Voice Search

Voice Search allows you to do every search on google by using your voice. Nowadays every device is having voice search for example Android device which is newly built are having advanced searches and your device understand your spoken language. If you feel tired to type anything then you can also speak and your android will do everything which is again the best feature of Android.

iPhone is having Siri which helps you to do all settings and she talks with you all the time but in Android, it is the different thing. Android voice search does all the required settings.

2. Swipe to Run Your Device quicker

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Most of the times we use the single finger to expand the notification bar. But very fewer peoples knows that you can use two fingers for faster access.

3. Use Smart Lock to unlock your Device at Home

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Smart Lock feature is available on android devices above 6.0 just because you choose places where you want to unlock your device.

4. Use Wallet to Charge Your Battery

Cool Thing Android Can Do

As we all know that android is the device which sometimes doesn’t have good power backup so in this scenario, you can easily use Wallet charger to charge your Android device.

5. Control LED Light Bulb With Mobile

Now, there are bulbs available in many stores and online e-commerce site. Which gives that application and you can easily do all settings.


6. Try Push bullet

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Most of the times when we use our android device and then we find any link. If you want to copy any link which you found in mobile and if you want to open that link on your computer, Then you can use push bullets which will help you out. This is cross platform and easy and simple we will be writing about this soon.

7. Instantly Solve Maths Equation by taking Picture

Cool Thing Android Can Do

There is an application which helps you to instantly solve the maths equation by simply taking a snap of images

8. Plug a Mouse into Your Phone


You can use OTG wire to use a mouse in your device. If you have broken your touch screen this is the best thing which you can follow

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Even Works with keyboard

Cool Thing Android Can Do

9. Invert Colors

Cool Thing Android Can Do

As we all have habits of chatting with our love ones till late night. Android has come up with the different settings of invert colours in which you can simply use invert colours option to change the colour of your device and all the colours of white will be inverted to black. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Invert colours and switch on this option in your device.

10. Smart Stay

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Smart stay is the option which is available for only Samsung devices in which when you are watching your mobile phone the screen will be on and as soon as you turn your head the screen will be off. Just go to Settings > Display/Smart Screen > Smart Stay.

11. Encrypt your phone

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Encrypt your phone data using this method. It is difficult. This is something difficult using some of the commands on Command prompt.

12. If found, Return to

Cool Thing Android Can Do

Most of the time we lock our Android device so that no one can access our device without our permission. If you lost your mobile then this trick is really very useful. This will add a text on your lock screen. If you want to switch on this option click on Settings > Security > Lock screen Message.

This will help you a lot to do many things and it is useful a lot

13. Remote Lock Or Wipe Your Lost Phone


Android device Administrator is the best thing given by google in every android device which allows users to remotely delete all your data and everything from your computer itself. Just type Lost Phone on google and click on the first suggestion and it will allow you to do many settings.

You can turn on this option easily from settings and activate the option. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators then turn on the option in your device and then you will be almost done.

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