Top 5 Best Boot Animations For Android 2019

Android is known best for its customization and the tweaks which we can perform in Android. The best thing about Android is we have to think about something and done we can change those components or we can change those settings in Android. Today we are coming up with one article in which we are going to list the top 5 best boot animations for android.

Now, boot animations are those things which start when we start our phone. It shows that our phone is booting up or our phone company which is Samsung, Nexus or Pixel.

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We can change those settings too in Android and we have written one article about that recently on the way we can change the boot animation of your android device.

Today we are going to list down some of the cool and funky boot animations which you will go to love it and this list will be updated daily to make sure that you have the best boot animation for your Android device.

There is every day new boot animations launched and all the boot animations are in the zip files and you can also create one of your boot animation which is nothing but a set of images and some of the folders.

The best part about boot animation is that you can put any boot animation without breaking your system by taking a full backup of your system.

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There are many applications launched which helps you to take a backup of the boot animation or sometimes you can also use the simple file explorer such as Root Explorer or ES-File Explorer which are one the best application to do settings in your system.

Let’s check out the list of the best boot animation for your device which you can download.

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Top 5 Best Boot Animations For Android 2019

#1 Watch Dogs Boot Animation

If you have played the Watch Dogs game then you might be familiar with this boot animation in which it occupies all your phone screen and shows the boot animation which is just amazing and it is something futuristic which is great. You can download this boot animation on your phone and apply it. Personally, I loved this animation a lot and this is the reason why it stands 1st in the list.


#2 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Now, this one is my all time favorite boot animation which was first appeared in the Android Marshmallow and the best boot animation. This boot animation is carried in Android N (Nougat) which is amazing except pixel phones. The best thing is that it looks classy and well polished in HD. You can download this animation on your device.


#3 Google Evolved

If you love something classical and not too much of wastage and memory then this is something you should go with it. This boot animation is not used in Android Nexus series but this one is a great animation. It is having the feature of changing the images. In this boot animation, all the Google material is used such as Google Now, Google Listener and etc. Which is really amazing at one point and if you love this animation then you should go with it.


Best Boot Animations For Android

#4 Cyanogen Mod 13 & 14.1

You might be familiar with the Cyanogen Mod ROMS which is one the best custom ROM which comes in the way of customization and in the way of getting the newer updates. Recently I didn’t get the recent update from the Google for Nexus 5 this was the ROM which I found and daily updated. Cyanogen Mod community regularly updates their custom ROMS and they are using this Boot animation on their device and if you are the fan of Cyanogen then you should go with this boot animation.


Best Boot Animations For Android

#5 Google Pixel Boot Animation

Google Pixel is the newly launched Android device which is having the best newly boot animation. The phone by Google is nowadays one of the best phone made by Google. They have come up with the newly and the best boot animation launched. The Google Pixel boot animation is in 2 colours Black and White both of them looks amazing and classy. If you are the fan of Google then you should go with this boot animation for your Android device.


Best Boot Animations For Android

Learn the way to install the boot animation in your Android device from here: How to Enable Google Pixel Boot Animation on Your Android Device

Final Verdict:

These were the Top 5 Best Boot Animations For Android 2016. I hope you love those boot animation and change it on your device.

Share this article with your friends. These are the one of the best boot animations which you can try for your Android device.

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  1. I am not able to apply WatchDogs boot animation. I tried 2-3 times but file gets downloaded in .apk format and gets installed successfully but nothing happens after that.
    What to do now???


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