Airbus has Designed a Part-Car Part-Drone to Help You Beat Traffic

Nowadays you might have seen traffic in a lot of cities and country. What you do when you see that? You pray to get something which will help you to get rid of that traffic. Suppose when you are praying and you find a car which is a part car part-drone to help you beat traffic.

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This is something which is coming up by a company name Airbus is having a long time ambition of planning a flying car. In January, it revealed the prototype of a flying vehicle which is amazing, and it is looking like a future tech. This project is also known as Vahana. Now, this concept is release and with a more fantastic feature with the half car and half drone.

Airbus has designed a part-car part-drone

Airbus has designed a part-car part-drone

Suppose you are stuck in traffic and you are in a hurry then there will be an attachment of a drone which will connect to your car, and you can go flying anywhere you want to go to your destination.

This car is a fully electric car which is amazingly built, and a future tech and the engineers have worked very hard on this project. This multimodel car can ferry you through roads and if needed can airlift you whenever there is a traffic congestion.

Airbus unveiled this concept of Pop.up at the Geneva International Motor Show on Wednesday. They are saying to come up with this urban transportation in the cities such as New York, Paris, London, and Beijing. There are also plan on launching this in India cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

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The Pop.up consist of 3 modules which are as follows:

  1. Air Module: The Air Module which is electrically propelled by eight rotors which help the carbon fiber module to go in the air.
  2. Carbon Fiber Passenger Module: This carbon fiber module will carry the customers and goods
  3. Ground Module: This is the battery of the car and running on the road.


Airbus has designed a part-car part-drone

How Does it work?

  • Choose the destination where you need to go with the help of the application
  • Now, depending on that it will give the best transport.
  • If there is no traffic, then it will send you Carbon Fiber passenger module
  • If there is a congestion of the traffic, then the Air module will be joint with the Carbon Fiber Passenger Module, and then you can fly to your destination.
  • There will be no driver in pop.up it will run on Autopilot mode, and it will land you to the destination.

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Video Tutorial:

Final verdict:

If there is a low charge in the Pop.up, then there will be a bus stand terminal provided there the vehicle will Charge, and it will wait for the next ride.

The word Vahana is the Sanskrit word. This is the fancy, and the new concept which is used in this car and the design is also fantastic.

Airbus has designed a part-car part-drone

They are working on making Vahana an automatically flying car which doesn’t require a driver, and it will be automatic.

This project is still in the nascent stage, and there are chances that it will take around 5 to 7 years if you want to see the full coverage of this project then Click for full coverage of Geneva Motor Show

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