How to Create Your Own Cloud Torrent Client (Torrents to IDM)

Torrents have been one of the famous sites around the world. People always download from torrents those are movies, software and many other applications. Nowadays torrent sites are closing slowly slowly such as, and Those sites were one of the best sites for downloading any kind of content. People most of time download the files of torrents from torrent sites or they download from IDM. This is the reason I am coming with an article in which I am going to tell you about Torrents to IDM.

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I have published many articles, regarding to download the torrent files from IDM with the help of zbigz and other sites. They are working good. But the thing is that the files get deleted by someone or else the passwords are changed every time. This is reason I am going to tell you about how to create one for your self and from those you can download the torrent files from your device.

Torrents to IDM

You can also download the torrent files from your Android device. There I will be telling you about how to download those files from your PC. The name of the site is heroku and they provide us a site from which you can download the files of torrents and that too at the highest speed.

I tried this trick and tried to make one for my self and it was working absolutely fine without any issues and I have downloaded the files from torrents and it was at the highest speed of 1 MBps.

Create Your Own Cloud Torrent Client (Torrents to IDM)

Heroku is the website which helps you to download the torrent files from the IDM and that is really amazing thing. Just because the websites such as zbigz and all you need to pay them for downloading any files from torrents. People usually don’t pay for zbigz and bytebx and it is of no use. 🙁 This is the reason I am coming up with an article to tell you how to create one for your self and that too for free.

You can easily download the torrent files from IDM and at unlimited speed. If your torrent client is giving you less speed because of leechers so you should give a try to this one. But there are some rules which you need to follow if you want to download the files. Just because people download wrong things from it.

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Remember torrents won’t land you to jail. According to the Times of India. As recently peoples are afraid of visiting torrent sites and other sites. Lets check out about Create Your Own Cloud Torrent Client.


  • Cross platform and it works in every device.
  • Embedded torrent search
  • Real-time updates.
  • Mobile-friendly websites so that you can download from Android.

How to Create Your Own Cloud Torrent Client

  • Firstly you need to go to the Github site from here and deploy the application of heroku: GitHub Heroku Deploy

Torrents to IDM

  • Scroll down and you will see an option of Deploy Heroku button

Torrents to IDM heroku

  • Now, sign up with the heroku website and enter all your proper details.

Torrents to IDM

  • You will get an email regarding the confirmation. Confirm your email and then it will ask you to enter your password.

Torrents to IDM

  • Now, enter the application name in the lower case and then select run time selection. Set as united states only.


  • Below you will find an option for title. Enter your name or your website name. Just because it will be your domain name.

Torrents to IDM

  • Now, click on deploy for free and then the site will be start to deploy the application. It will take sometime. You need to wait and then you can view your site by clicking on view.

Torrents to IDM

  • If you don’t want to create one for your self then you can easily try this one and download the torrents files from IDM.

Torrent Leecher 1

Torrents to IDM

How to Download the Torrent Files From IDM

  • You need to visit any torrent website such as I am visiting


  • Right click on magnet download and copy link address and paste the address in the URL box of your herokuru site. Then click on load magnet and the torrent will start getting cached.

Torrents to IDM

  • You can also try my website and content from here: Xtreme Tricks HeroKuru
  • When the process will be completed just check the below downloads folder and you will see an option of downloading your file.
  • Now, you will be able to download your files easily from it. That too in the blazing fast internet speed without any speed limit.

Torrents to IDM


  1. Don’t delete other people’s files.
  2. Don’t stop caching process of other peoples.
  3. Don’t download irrelevant contents.

Video Tutorial:

Wrapping up

This way you can download the torrents to IDM. I hope you love this article.

You can share this article with your friends. Share with us your herokuruapp in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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  1. can you please explain me whats going wrong with my process. Even after doing all the steps as u said I am unable to make the app on heroku. Even if it is deployed, after opening the page for first time the next time I open it says no app found. Please help me.

  2. cloud-torrent deploy to heroku doesn’t work now. Could you give a tutorial to install Peerflix-server to heroku? that will be great.

  3. No such app – There’s nothing here, yet.

    This facility of deploying torrent script on heruku server has been withdrawn.

  4. Hey bro its not working more after the deploy is completed app is opening nicely and after a some seconds its showing Disconnected and finally No Such App On Heroku what does it mean ??

  5. Hlo i was created my site but after i closed the browser and usig that link it ill shows no content i your site plz replay…


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