How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Windows is the most popular and the best operating system for Computers and there is no imputation to the contrary. We all might have used some version of the Windows OS at some point of our lives.

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Now it is a well-known fact that most of us do not use the original licensed version of the windows operating system. So there is an error which we encounter many of times while using the pirated or the unlicensed copy of windows.

The error goes something like this

“This copy of windows is not genuine” and along with that, you also see the black screen on your desktop instead of the normal wallpaper.

How to get rid of this “Windows not genuine” error

I am pretty much excited to share four tested ways of fixing this windows error. Now before I proceed, let me make one thing very clear that by performing these steps, you won’t be getting a licence for windows. You will only be able to remove that black background and that error notification.

As aforesaid, I have four different methods to do this job and you can try whichever method suits you best.

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Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Method #1

The first method is pretty simple and the steps are also very small. Though I am not sure whether this method will work for you or not. I tried this particular method on various devices and it worked on some, while it didn’t on others.

To perform this method, follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the start button.
  • In the search option, type “cmd”
  • Now open cmd.exe file on your PC

Just to tell you, cmd.exe files opens the command prompt which means that you can now type commands to your PC.

  • Once the command prompt opens, type the following code in it



Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • Once you type any of these codes, if you get a success message, it means that you have successfully fixed the error. If you get a failure message, it means that this method didn’t work for you and you need to try the next method.

Method #2

This particular method is based on the Resultant Set of Policy Window or RSOP. Now, you need not concern yourselves with this stuff. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below.

  • Click on start > Search “Run” > Click on Run

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • When the Run dialog box opens, type rsop.msc and press enter.

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • Go to this path: Windows Settings > Security Settings > System Services
  • Right click on Plug and Play Devices, look for startup and click on automatic.
  • Now open Run again and enter the below-mentioned command.
gpupdate /force

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • Press Enter and restart your computer.

You would have surely got rid of that error by now. In case you didn’t, check out the other two methods.

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Method #3

This particular method is also pretty easy. All you gotta do is to follow a certain set of steps.

  • Open control panel
  • Click on the “System and Security” option over there.

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • You will see an option of windows update, click on that.
  • Now click on the “View installed updates option

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • Search for the below-mentioned term


  • You will see the KB971033 update.
  • Right click on it and uninstall the update.

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • You will see a popup, click on Yes

Now you need to restart your computer. Once it is opened again, you will see that the error is no more.

Method #4

This is the last method that you need to try if none of the above-mentioned methods work.

Follow the steps given below

  • Do to the below-mentioned directory and find the file named slui.exe
  • Once you manage to spot this file, delete it. You might have to change certain permissions for deleting the file.

Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

  • Once the file is deleted, open CMD again and type the code SLMGR -REARM

Final Words

So there were all the methods which I have tried to solve this error for me. All these method did work for me and that is why I’m sharing it here.

One more thing that I want you to know is that this is not a proper solution to the problem. The only proper solution is buying the official licensed copy of Windows. Also using pirated copies is illegal and we will not be responsible for any loss to you and your data.

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