A Simple Tweak To Increase Your Internet Speed With Open/Google DNS

Internet has become the need of our daily life. Many people uses internet in today’s world no one can leave without internet, and internet is the important for our daily life and without internet one cannot imagine what actually the life will be without internet. But when you have to surf internet you love to surf when your internet is fast and sometimes you don’t get sufficient speed to surf internet and that is the biggest draw back which is not liked by anyone

Speed depends on your ISP(Internet Service Provider) if you are using internet and if you are getting slow speed this is just because of your ISP the Internet Protocol (IP Address) which has been provided to you by your service provider is not that much fast to surf internet so here you can replace your service provider DNS with the new DNS which is known as Open DNS or we can say Google DNS from this you can surf internet on fast speed and it will really works. So in today’s guide we will show you how can you increase the speed of your internet

What is DNS

DNS which stands for domain name system , It is a system which converts the domain  name into IP address it is difficult for anyone to remember the digits any IP Address and here DNS comes and it converts the domain name in to the IP address and gives the faster speed so lets see how can you setup in your internet


How to Increase Your Internet Speed With Open/Google DNS

  • Open the control panel in your computer and click on Network and Internet option


  • Now open network and sharing center


  • Now click on the internet connection and right-click on the properties3
  • Now click on Properties
  • After that drag down the list you will find something which is called as IPv4 click on that setting and do the changes by clicking on properties


  • Now choose the following DNS server to get the faster internet speed
    • Preferred DNS server:
    • Alternate DNS server:
  • Click on OK and you’re all set

For IPv6

Now you have to do the same steps like  have shown in the above trick just do changes in the following IPv6 method when you were click on IPv4 you have to click on IPv6 and do the below steps and do the changes

  • Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
  • Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2


Now you have done the changes if you want to try the google DNS you can look at this guide from here – How To Use Google DNS In PC To Unblock All Blocked Website Such As (Adf.ly, Torrent)

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