How To Increase RAM of Your Android Device Using SD /Memory Card

Hey folks, many of the users who are using android device comes across the issues which we called as lack of RAM in many devices. Because of RAM and processor many games gets lacked and when the name comes about mobile phones getting lacked the first company which comes in mind is Samsung. Just because of the launcher and other drawbacks of Samsung it gets hang but when the name comes to their flagship mobile phones, They are just amazing and fabulous. Many of the android users are switching to new mobile phones which are having good features and quad, Hexa or octa core processors

Increase RAM Of Android Device

Android deice with the outdataed versions, which are having low ram in the devices and in this situation you have to install low size application which are less then 20 or 30 MB. when the size of the data in those applications exceeds you have to format or we can say that you have to do factory reset to this kind of devices and you have to loose the data of yours in the application. These all is not happening in newer versions, I am talking about the old android versions such as Android Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, and etc :p . Nowadays Android applications are adopting new styles and colors which we called as material design and they have increased the size of the applications.

To overcome on this issue you can increase the size of your RAM in your device by using SD card easily which is easy and  you need root access in your device and an app which is called as roehsoft ram expander which is having great review and having 4.4 stars rating on play store.

About Roehsoft Ram Expander

As I said before that this application is having good ratings on play store so on the same side this application is having one of the draw back is that you need to pay Rs 150 to play store to download this application and it is fair enough. I have personally tested this application and it is working absolutely fine and good and you don’t need to put any commands to increase the ram of your device. Just simply swap it and you can easily swap memory to 4 GB lets see how to increase ram of your device

How To Increase RAM of Your Android Device Using SD /Memory Card

Step 1: Download the roehsoft ram expander swap from here – Play Store

Step 2: Buy this application and open it and you need to access root permission

Step 3: After that you will see 3 lines in that one is named as SWP FILE

Step 4: Now increase as much as you want till 4 GB

Step 5: Now click on Swap Active

Step 6: Choose the memory card in the file options

Step 7: It will take sometime to create the swap the memory

Step 8: Now after swapping it will occupy your memory it won’t show in settings, Memory which is swapped it will work like ram and check the changes in your smart phone

Video Tutorial

Now You have successfully activated done with swapping your ram. I hope you liked this tutorial if any issues you can comment below in the comment sections. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. hey bro ! i’d downloaded this app more than 50 times but i never get solution i after i do all the steps it shows swap is created in the sdcard but it created a .swp file of a size that hw much i want to increase . but nothing happn in my phone . then my friend sent me the paid app through drive its not working it showss blank page ..!! but its working fine on his mobile why so ??


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