Real-Time Tracker: Multi-Device Locator For Android

I have been checking out many application on Play store which is having the feature of tracking someone online and that too for free. You might have also seen some application like that before and might have encountered an issue in which it is not working or something you don’t like the user interface. Today, I am going to tell you an application called as Real-Time Tracker.

I have seen many peoples keep on asking me about any application which is having the feature of tracking peoples. Now, I am the senior member of XDA and I found a developer name as MaxOptim who developed this amazing application which is just great.

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I found this application useful and works great in most of the android device. I love the application theme and features. This application is having lots of features which are great and you should try it to track any of your friends.

He is working really hard for this application and when I tried this application it was just amazing and I really love the design of the application and also supports multi-tasking which is great for the newer version of Android that is Nougat.

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Real-Time Tracker:  Multi-Device Locator For Android

I have written that the application tracks multiple devices along with the victim battery charge info in the mobile phone. You can also check out the real time battery and know how much charge and the longitude and latitude of the mobile where actually it is situated.

This application is also having the map which tracks the mobile phone. It can also be used as a safeguard by id your phone is lost and you want to track.

If you will hide this application then you can’t find in the menu drawer. You will find the application in the settings and these small features make this application really smart and good.

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This application is having a random code if you want to track the phone then you need to add the victim code on your phone. Then this will help you to track the phone.

I have tested this application on multiple android devices and it works without crashing which is really something anyone needed.

This application is new and doesn’t have enough downloads. You can download this application and rate 5 stars to this application if you like it.

The another good feature of this application is that it is not having too many ads which is something keeps annoying their users and this is again a good feature.

Let’s discuss the Features and con’s of this application which you will love to know it.


  • Real-time tracker which tracks the user’s location whenever GPS is turned on.
  • Hide function which helps users to hide the application in the victim phone.
  • Material Design which has the new and fresh look.
  • No annoying ads in the application.
  • Track multiple devices simultaneously without any issues.
  • You can backup the data of the application which helps you to keep the victim phone data after you format or delete the application.
  • Accurate and also shows longitude and latitude of the mobile phone.
  • No registration required like other applications have this system.
  • No root required.
  • Works almost every device above 4.1x.

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  • In beta stage, there are chances of finding the bugs.
  • If you have to hide the application once then you need to uninstall the application and again install it on your phone.

How to Use Tracker to Track Anyone On Android

  • Download and install tracker on your device from here Play Store
  • Open the application and there you will see an “+” this will help you to add the phone.

Real-Time Tracker

  • If you want to track your friend’s phone then click on Add device.
  • Now, in the victim phone just click on Track me and you will check the code.

Real-Time Tracker

  • Just copy the code somewhere and done then add the code in Add device mode with your name.

Real-Time Tracker

  • Now, after pairing, you will get the screen to hide the application just click on it and done. You don’t need to do anything.

Real-Time Tracker

  • This application will track your phone from that screen and done.

Real-Time Tracker

Final Verdict:

This way you can track your friends Android device. You don’t need to do anything more after  hiding the application your friend will never get t0 know that there is someone who is tracking them.

This application is amazing if you like it then rate 5 stars on play store. If you want to track multiple devices then you can do so with the help of paying the developer and buying pro version.

The pro version is the application is just of 2.64$ (180 Rs) You can buy it from play store. That’s it for this guide.

Share this article with your friends. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. Thank you for visiting and peace out.

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  1. It need Data connection to use or monitor any device ? will it work if both androif devices doesn’t acceced to the data connection ?


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