How To Secure Your Rooted Android Mobile From Security Threat

Hello everyone so today we are back again with the new trick in which many of you guys are using Android mobile and might be you have rooted it, so why have you rooted your mobile? For using custom roms? For looting purpose or to use any of the application to view your saved wi-fi password so in this guide we will help you how can you save your mobile by unwanted applications and from the latest threats

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As we know threats are the worst things which can make your mobile slow or else you can get heating issues. I remember that I was having a mobile which was having issues of not getting formatted (Hard Reset). I tried several times to format that mobile but it was stuck and thought to show my mobile to show room and then I tried to hard reset my mobile again and the last time when I did it my mobile got dead. This shows how threats are dangerous so lets come to the guide how can you minimize your threat level

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How To Secure Your Rooted Android Mobile From Security Threat


#1 Use F- Secure App Permission App To Protect Your Android From Illegal Access

Many of the application in the google play store might access your private data. There was one application of Flash Light which was having highest rating on google play store it was accessing the private data of your mobile so play store pulled that application out after knowing about the application so better use F- Secure App to grant Permission of the application

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#2 Use The Best Anti-Virus Software in your device

In today’s life having a anti-virus software is must because you don’t know which file is having viruses and malwares which can access your device data so to protect your device from unwanted data use any of the good anti-virus software is must so try to use Avast, Kaspersky, AVG Anti virus (I am not saying to buy premium versions of software just use the free one :p)


#3 Don’t Remove Pre-Installed Application

What we do after rooting our device? We just uninstall the preinstalled applications without knowing what is the application about i would suggest you never uninstall pre-installed application just because they are safe our mobile phone from latest threats and viruses


#4 Use CM Security Application in Your Rooted Device

So if you are having rooted mobile just try to use CM Security application to be safe from the application which you have already installed in your device. This application will scan your application which you have pre-installed in your rooted device so it will suggest you to delete that applications which are harmful to your device



#5 Use Android Device Manager In Your Device

Android device manager is preinstalled in your device just what you need is you have to activate the manager just because it can help you a lot by unlocking your device by your Google account and if your mobile has been stolen by someone you can remote lock it


So this was the guide of how to secure your device from threats and malware I hope you like it for more tricks and loots stay tuned for more updates 😉



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