11 Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Nowadays we have seen with its rising popularity amongst 700 million registered users, Instagram, an internet based photo sharing application has been catching everyone’s attention these days. The main reason behind this could be the unique traits Instagram must offer. There are millions of users who keep on sharing the content on the internet and gaining the followers. Today, I am going to tell you the 11 Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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From easy posting and sharing of photos to giving numerous editing tools designed mainly for creating visually appealing pictures, Instagram has all of it. Hence, the question “How to be popular on Instagram?” has gained a lot of interest today.

Being popular on Instagram is primarily having the most number of followers and likes on your Instagram profile. Here are few ways to get free Instagram followers & increase your productivity with ease. Give them a try.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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11 Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

1. Posting Consistently

Being active on Instagram is a basic requirement to be noticed by other users. This will allow your posts to be on top of other Instagrammers feed. Your account is more likely to gain followers when your account is active. More sharing will enable more interaction which will, in turn, result in increasing your followers.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

2. Using more Hashtags

If you use Instagram, Hash tagging wouldn’t be a new term for you. Hashtags are mostly used on almost all the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hashtags let the user instantly discover the content they are interested. Some popular Hashtags could be used for your account to be noticed. Some of the famous hashtags include:


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You can also generate your own, unique hashtags and make them famous by telling your followers about them and encourage them to use your hashtags.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

3. Organize “Give-Away Contests.

A Give-Away is primarily a promotional act followed by many lucky Instagrammers today. The intention behind this is to declare a giveaway product to a few of your followers asking them to share your profile, like your posts or even tag their friends in the comments. This is, in turn, will increase the traffic on your page.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

4. Create a Theme

A Themed-profile will benefit you by attracting many groups of people with similar interests. This will raise the awareness of your account among similar types of Instagram accounts. Your profile will also be shown in the Suggestions.

Most popular themes used today are

  • White Border Theme
  • Color Oriented theme
  • Minimalist theme
  • Black and White Theme

5. Appreciate other Instagrammers

The most traditional way of winning followers is to like, comment and perhaps follow other accounts. This will lead to them returning your likes in the same manner. They will like back, Comment back and Follow your profile too. This is also an exceptional way to boost the traffic on your profile.

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6. Use Filters

Instagram is popular for its amazing filters it must offer. Use a High Definition Camera and add proper filters to the photos taken from it. Use the right amount of Brightness and Contrast, Maintain Balanced exposure and use highlights and other features if necessary. This will create an appealing post which will be easier to grab the attention of many people at once.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

7. Captions

Captions are also necessary along with hashtags. Use relatable captions that will pull the attention of several like-minded people. You can search for numerous famous quotes and pick the ones which will best suit the post.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

8. Shoutouts

Shoutouts are the latest favorite and yet the easiest known way to grow your followers. It is straightforward. All you must do is to ask people to mention your name in their profile which will make you noticeable among their supporters. There are thousands of Shootout pages that can easily be found. Some of them allow paid promotions while others are free. You just must find a proper page that would give you an audience of your interest.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

9. Use Geotagging

Mentioning your location in your posts will enable users of the same as well as nearby areas to find your profile. This is an excellent way to earn local followers of your interest. You can also include the location in your stories. Hundreds of users will be able to view your article. This is only possible for public profiles.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

10. Do not be Monotonous

Instagram is looked upon as an app that helps you find interesting people over the internet. Being Monotonous will only deviate followers. Try something fresh each week. Perhaps tell an interesting story, arrange a photo contest, visit various places every week and post a review. This will enable your followers to engage with you more.

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11. Co-promotions

Find out accounts like your interest and ask the users to promote your profile. You may also sometimes be called upon to promote their pages in return. This will make your account more noticeable among their followers.

Kickass Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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Final Verdict:

To conclude, these are the most shared and foolproof tactics to gain followers. You can’t gain followers overnight but being consistent will increase your followers count magically!

It is also essential to keep track of the number of likes and followers you gain after sharing various kinds of posts. Some posts attract more audience than others. So, you should know the difference. Also, try to post at times (such as in the evening) when people are more likely to be online.

This will interest all the active users. Instagram is a platform for sharing your views with millions of users so, be kind and generous. Never post hateful viewpoints. Your account may be reported and even banned permanently.

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Besides these, you can let your family and friends know about your Instagram account by sharing your profile on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is also important to keep track of number of likes

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