Miss Call Flooder Script: Prank Your Friends By Online Miss Call Bomber [Updated]

Miss Call Flooder

Today we are back again with one more script of Miss call flooder. In this miss call flooder, you can prank with your friends by giving them missed call from the script.

This script is for educational purpose only. People also call it missed call bomber. There are many sites which are having miss call bombers and flooder but all of them are fake or they are not working anymore.

When previously we have shared Text Message script in which you can send a free message to anyone that script was completely great and the result of that script was phenomenal.

By this script, you can prank your friends and then you will be able to prank any of your friends in India.

We have kept a limit using this script per number. Because of many people who don’t take this flooder for fun purpose and they start playing with their friends and this script goes viral every time. That’s the reason of the scripts stops working.

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Miss call flooder: Prank Your Friends By Giving Miss Calls

This is an Online script from which you can send free miss calls.

This script is having some limitations which we will discuss below. The other thing is that if you face any legal issues then you are responsible for anything wrong happens.

When you will be using this script you will get totally free access. This bomber will send all the calls from international numbers.

All those international numbers will be from different numbers. Try it and give your review to us


  • Give a Miss Call to anyone and all the numbers are from different numbers
  • Send miss call to anyone for free and without any delay
  • You can send up to 20 miss calls per number and limit per number 40 miss calls
  • No need of any software and use that script online
  • Even works when you have activated Do not disturb
  • No need of any registrations.

How to Use Miss call bomber and Prank your friends for free

  • Firstly Open the miss call bomber script from here –

Miss Call Flooder

Miss Call Flooder

  • Enter the phone number of your friend
  • Now enter how many miss calls you want to give your friends
  • You will get the random miss calls from the number which is having +1 in append

Note – We have to keep a limit of 20 miss calls for long-lasting usage of the script. You can prank your friends every day. Please co-operate

Terms And Conditions:

  • Play safe and the limit of bomber is 20 miss call per day
  • Prank your friends whom you really know personally
  • This trick is just for educational purpose only
  • If you are caught by police or anything by random prank we are not responsible for anything happened to you.
  • Use at your own risk


Now, This way you can send unlimited free miss call to your friends. This was the post about Miss call flooder. Prank your friends and play safe. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks. As always peace out.

21 thoughts on “Miss Call Flooder Script: Prank Your Friends By Online Miss Call Bomber [Updated]”

  1. Hey brither in the script page there is a flaw.., it is mentioned to join your facebook group If we like.. But it was written as
    ”Join our Facebook for more group”
    Instead of saying”Join our Facebook group for more”
    Hope you correct it

  2. 1st time when i visit on it
    Then it says “plz come back tomorrow”
    After some time when i try to use it
    Then it says “Invalid captcha prove that you are human”

    Plz correct it

    • 1. I have updated the link now you wont get the error

      2. Whenever you enter wrong captcha you have to click on back button and again you have to type the captcha

      3. Whenever you enter wrong captcha everytime you have to reload the page

      4. You have to wait for 20 seconds for new misscall

  3. It keep showing me this all times. Not working at all for me. Please provide solution.

    “Abusing is not that good.Only two times a day and please come back tomorrow! “

    • As per Whatsapp terms and conditions you cannot create a bot and because of this reason bots are banned. If we find new bot then we will surely update the post 🙂


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