How To Take Full Page Screenshot On Android Phone

Most of the times while using our Android device, we take Screenshots and while taking screenshots we take screenshots of many image at a time. If we want to take long screenshot then what should we do at that time? Well! we can take those screenshot easily with the help of one application easily. Today we are going to discuss about How To Take Full Page Screenshot On Android Device

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Android is having the best functionality of taking screenshots, and many other functions. But it is not having function of taking the long screenshot in the device. This is the reason we are coming with this article. This application is having many functions in which you can simply take long screenshot and edit the image easily.

Take Full Page Screenshot On Android

How To Take Full Page Screenshot On Android Phone

Stitch and Stick is the application which helps you to take long screenshot. Basically you are not going to take long screenshot but in this application you can take normal screenshot in your device. Then this application will automatically add the images.

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This application is having feature of not getting crash while taking too many screenshots. I searched for other application but they were having low ratings on play store and no editing features but this is different applications with too many feature. There are some limitations while using this application because it is a lite version. If you want to add up some more features then you need to buy the pro version of the application.


  • Take any size screenshot and images no matter how long the image size.
  • You can edit images and add different types of colors.
  • High lighter to highlight specific text.
  • You cannot trace that the image is been edited.
  • Good and advance feature of the application.


  • Watermark is added in the images.
  • Having some bugs.

How To Take Full Page Screenshot On Android Phone

  • Firstly download and install Stitch and Share application from here – Play Store.
  • Open the application and it will show you guide about how to take screenshot in your device.

Take Full Page Screenshot On Android

  • Now, simple check the tutorial and switch on the alert of the application while taking screenshot.
  • Now, take any screenshot and you will get a notification about to stitch the images.

Take Full Page Screenshot On Android

  • Remember to leave some space while taking any Screenshot in your device and this will help you to take better screenshot without any issues.

Video Tutorial:

Wrapping up

This way you can Take Full Page Screenshot On Android Phone. I hope you love this tutorial if you face any difficulty then feel free to comment below. For more tips and tricks like this stay tuned at our blog. As always peace out.

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