How to Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android – No Root

When you want to download any application the first thing you do is head over to Play Store and download that app and that can be WhatsApp, Games or anything. You receive the updates every day and sometimes you might not love a particular update of the app and especially in case of games what you will do then? so today in this article we will tell you the way to Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android without root.

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If you are having a rooted device then you might be knowing that you can follow the tutorial of titanium backup which will help you out to restore the missing app with data and without any issues you can downgrade the application but when it comes to the non-rooted device you can’t do it.

What if I say you that you can easily downgrade the applications in the non-rooted device as well and that too in a very easy way. You need to type some commands and that’s it and you can enjoy it.

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Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android

Android is the operating system and if you know how to use ADB Commands and ADB Shell then there are a lot of tweaks which you can perform with your phone. There are developers who are working every day to make your device smooth and more.

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If you are having Substratum theme installed on your phone then with WhatsApp you will have the issues when your WhatsApp is updated and you will get the force stop error every time and you need to reinstall the WhatsApp again and fix that issue with your phone.

ADB commands works well when you need to downgrade the application. In today’s article, I will show you the way I will downgrade Google Chrome on my phone without losing data.

How to Find Old Version Of Apps?

Now, here’s the main question that where can you find the old version any application the answer is APK Mirror which has all the old version of the application and you can download the application for free.

You don’t need to sign up for anything and you can downgrade the application and update it however you need and without losing the data you can update the application.

If you are having the modded application or warez and you need to update or downgrade the application this won’t work with your phone.

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  1. You need an old version of the application which you can download it from APK Mirror
  2. ADB Drivers.
  3. USB Data Cable
  4. USB Debugging should be turned on.

How to Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android – No Root

  • First Install the ADB Drivers from the link given in the requirements.
  • Open the ADB folder and command prompt.
  • Copy the application in your ADB drivers folder
  • You need to run the below command to push the application into your SD card.
adb push app.apk /sdcard/app.apk

Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android

  • In app.apk there will be the name of the application which is in your folder and in /sdcard/app.apk you will shift the application to SD card using ADB command.

Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android

  • Now type the below command to install the application.
adb shell pm install -r -d /sdcard/app.apk

Downgrade an App Without Losing Data on Android

  • In the above command in place of /sdcard/app.apk, you will name your application and press enter.
  • That’s it! If you see a success message you have successfully downgraded the application.
  • You can follow this trick using Termux and Terminal Emulator if you don’t have PC.

Final Verdict:

This way you can easily Downgrade an app without losing data on Android. I hope you love this article and enjoy using it on your phone.

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Remember this trick works in some apps only and the application which is not server side. Share this article with your friends and let them know about this amazing application.

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