How to Disable WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds Limit On Android

WhatsApp introduced its new feature of WhatsApp Status in the latest version of WhatsApp. Some users are loving this new feature and uploading photos and videos on WhatsApp, and comparatively, it is faster than Instagram and Snapchat. If you are going to upload any video, then there is the limit of 30 Seconds. What if you want to Disable WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds Limit on your android phone. This is the reason I am going to tell you the way of disabling this limit on your phone.

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I have seen many users love this feature and many of them didn’t love it? Why? Just because they think WhatsApp is a Messaging app. There are other apps for the Status feature such as Snapchat and Instagram. Now, WhatsApp is not going to shut down the Status feature instead they are going to enable the feature of “Tagline” for all the smartphone.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

This feature is already launched in iPhone and Windows. Android didn’t receive this feature, and if you need to enjoy this feature, then you can enjoy it by participating the WhatsApp Beta Program where you will be getting the newer updates every day on your phone.

Disable WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds Limit On Android

WhatsApp kept one thing in mind, and that is if they want to give the quality then they need to limit some settings. Such as the limit of uploading video to 30 Seconds. This restriction was removed by the developer of WA Tweaks to 30 seconds. You can publish the as long video you want without any issues.

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There are some issues while uploading videos. It is shown to some users only. These are some issues that are encountered if you will stop this feature.

There is a value in Shared_pref folder in which all the settings of WhatsApp is available and WA Tweaks helps it to enable the settings for you this is easy and you don’t need to dig too much into codes.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit


  • The fastest way to disable the limit of 30 seconds.
  • No need to dig into coding.


  • Issues while disabling the limit
  • Root required
  • Your some friends might see an error.


  • WA Tweaks
  • Latest version of WhatsApp:    WhatsApp Download
  • Rooted Android Phone.
  • Android 4.1 and above only.

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How to Disable WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds Limit On Android

  • Download and install the WA Tweaks from here:    Download
  • Install the application, and you might get an unknown source warning.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

  • Just toggle on the unknown sources option

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

  • Now, open the application and grant the root permission.
  • Go to Settings > Apps and Force Stop WhatsApp.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

  • Open WA Tweaks and just Press the menu button.
  • Now, click on WhatsApp Tweaks and a new tweaks page will open.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

  • Click on Bypass 30″ video limit and make sure there is a tick shown in the checkbox. If it doesn’t show the tick then just put your phone is flight mode.

Disable WhatsApp Status 45 Seconds Limit

  • After this open your WhatsApp and then upload your video of your choice.

Final Verdict:

This way you can easily Disable WhatsApp Status 30 Seconds Limit within some seconds. This is the fastest way to turn off the feature without digging into coding. I hope you love this article.

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  1. Hi xaif I love to read your blog ,
    Please I don’t want to root my device for WhatsApp tweaks ,can u please send me the nodded apk of WhatsApp with 45 sec + longer feature
    Waiting for reply
    Thanks ?

  2. sir .
    i did the same thing and i have create two whatsapp accoun inorder to test it .the full video is uploaded to my status and when i saw that status from my anothwr account is shows only 30 secs ..?? why..?? then whats the us lf doing all the thing.
    plz answer

  3. i had downloaded WA tweak its allowing me to send full video in status but when checked status it is only seen of 30 seconds only, please help

  4. This trick won’t work anymore… After 5 minutes or so after posting your status it wil be automaticaly be cut to 30 second by whatsapp server


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