How to Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Android is the smartest Android operating system which is having amazing features and accessibility, which is loved by everyone in today’s time. This is the reason why Android operating system is used in the whole world. Today we are going to discuss about the application which is known as hidden eye which is having pretty good features. When someone tries to unlock your device this application will secretly snap the picture of user who is trying to unlock your device. We never share our private data with anyone and when someone checks our mobile phone without our permission that is the thing which is hated by us and when someone disagrees that he haven’t done anything you can show this image to him by giving him the proof.

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Capture Picture of Those Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Nowadays we try to keep password in our device so that now one can access our private data and when someone tries to do so without our permission, and that thing makes anyone angry, so in today’s article we are going to share about the application whose name is Hidden Eye. Previously we have shared about Best Custom RomsWhich snaps the picture of the user when he tries to unlock your device this application uses our mobile phone secondary camera which snaps automatically when he fails unlocking our mobile phone for first 3 times, You can’t choose the time as per you. We have also shared about Clash Of Clans Everything UnlimitedGood advantages of this application is that when someone tries to uninstall this application he can’t do it just because this application takes the administrative access so that no one can uninstall the application. With all these features this application is having feature of sound alarm when 3 attempts are failed this application will beep an alarm so that you will come to know that someone is trying to unlock your device. You May Also Like – How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads In Your Android Without Root


How to Capture Picture of Those Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Step 1:Firstly Download the Hidden Eye application from here – Play Store

Step 2:Open the application and click on Security Status ON
Step 3: Now activate the application device administrator access
Step 4: Now the application is activated
Step 5: If you want to stop the alarm then force stop the application by going in the settings

Final Words:

This was the post about the application hidden eye from which you can easily capture images of the peoples who tries to unlock your mobile phone. We have also shared about How To Add Recycle Bin On Your Android. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more tricks like this and Thank You for visiting…

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