Block The Google Ads In Your Android By Lucky Patcher

Hey folks so today i am here with the trick in which u can block the google ads this advertising is hated by everyone in today’s world there is not possible a application without google ads just because developer can only get paid by google ads only they dont have anything from which they can earn

So how to block this annoying ads of google which are flashing all the time for example lets talk about Mx player this application is having same features as Pro version but the difference is that the one app has ads and pro version has no ads

Block Your Application Ads By Lucky Patcher

1. Install the Lucky Patcher

2. Open the application there u will see a Button called as Tool box

3. Now there u will see the option of block ads

4. Now press block ads on this device

5. Now just wait for 10 second and wait for some time

6. If you wanna unblock ads you can click on unblock ads

Before Blocking Ads

After Blocking Ads
If you feel any difficulty so feel free to comment below stay tuned for more updates 😉

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