Does Rooting bricks your mobile?

Hey guys whats up so many of times we use Android mobile like Samsung, Yuphoria, Motorola or any vanilla OS so what you think? Rooting Will brick your mobile? Yes When u will root the mobile u will losse your warranty but what after unrooting your device ? So today m gonna show you and clear your lill bit confusion


So I have rooted many mobile in my life but I havent bricked the mobile ever in my life I have rooted high end mobile to low end mobile so from many of the peoples say you that by rooting your mobile you many loose your warranty and you can loose your data many of theĀ  things they say u

So today I am gonna solve your some questions

While rooting your device make sure all the steps for example common things like usb debugging should be kept on and samsung mobile should be rooted with chain fire which is also easy method of rooting

There are many one click root methods are available which i will explain in my next article this application roots your mobile easily and as simple as 1 2 3 Just switch the USB debugging and open the app and just click in this applications i love Framearoot which is simplest and easy in this method we can root Any vanilla android user…

Rooting Doesnt Bricks your phone but it makes your mobile even better then before…

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