How To View Saved Wifi Network In Unrooted Mobile

Hey everyone so many of them asked me for this trick so revealing today this trick is just to know the wifi password of the saved wifi password and you can see the wifi password of most of the routers. Me my self use free wifi of my neighbours and using for 7 to 8 months and he have not changed the password of his wifi.

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The time when i came to know about the password when I was having a rooted mobile phone and this trick is for educational purpose only so lets come to the trick so lets come to the trick

How To View Saved Wifi Network In Unrooted Smart Phones

1. Open your Mobile stock browser such as (Google Chrome)

2. Type or


3. Press go and now it will ask for router id and password


4. Enter id and password following combination

User name – admin
Password – password

User name – admin
Password – admin

5. Most of time people uses this pattern of login id and password so if you too are having the same id and password so you can change it

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