How to Watch YouTube 4K Videos on Non-4K Phones and Tablets

YouTube is the trending application which is used by a lot of users to watch, share and upload videos. There are many smartphones which are having some amazing features. Nowadays 4K phones and tablets are getting launched, and that is great, but there is no option to enable and watch YouTube 4K videos on any Android device. Today, we are going to tell you the way you can easily enable this option on your device.

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You might have seen many Android devices such as Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus the display is just amazing, and if you have that phone, then you might have seen that YouTube doesn’t allow you to enjoy the 4K videos on your device. We are going to tell you the way you can enable it on your device.

When it comes to adding some feature to your Android, then the first name comes is build prop which allows you to tweak your Android. If you have the required hardware for your device, then you can easily enable the 1440p and 2160p option on your device.

Watch YouTube 4K Videos

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Watch YouTube 4K Videos on Non-4K Phones and Tablets

YouTube app checks the dimension of your device and this feature is available only on some devices. If you want to enable this option, then you need to add a line, and it will make youtube app think you are using a device with 3840×2160.

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Many XDA Developers tested this feature on their device and came to a conclusion that users have seen the improvement in the videos as compared to 1080p videos. Some users have also said there is no change in the videos. You can install this mod and try it yourself.

When I tried this mod, I have seen the videos color quality and artifacts substantially improved. If you are interested, then you can try this mod on your device.


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How to Watch YouTube 4K Videos on Non-4K Phones and Tablets

  • Open the build prop editor on your device.
  • Grant the root permission and wait for some time.
  • Click on the “Pencil” icon and scroll down.

Watch YouTube 4K Videos

  • Add the below line of code and click on the floppy button to save it.
  • Tap on Save & Exit button, and that’s it!

Watch YouTube 4K Videos

  • Reboot your device and force stop the youtube application.
  • Now, erase the data of the application by going to “Settings > Apps > YouTube.” Simply delete the data of the application and open it.
  • I will suggest you Play this video on your device – Play Video
  • Check the video quality by clicking on the three dots menu button.
  • You will see that two new quality is added in your videos 1440p and 2160p.

Watch YouTube 4K Videos

Video Tutorial:

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Final Verdict:

Now, You can easily Watch YouTube 4K Videos on Non-4K Phones and Tablets. If you have not got the 2160p option on your YouTube video, then the issue is because of your hardware. If you want to enjoy the 4K videos, then you need Hardware VP9 decoder support as YouTube 4K videos are encoded in VP9.

If you don’t want to get into these details and work on it then you can also install YouTube Vanced Manager on your phone.

Share this article with your friends and share them the way you activated the 4K videos on your device. I hope they will love doing it on their device.

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