Redmi 3s International Giveaway [Winner Announced]

I have been working a lot to make this blog famous in every manner. Now, we are completing 1 year on 19th August 2016. This is the reason I am coming with Redmi 3s International Giveaway.

I was having zero Knowledge about seo, what is bogging or anything. Never knew that managing blogs are too difficult.

I started managing blog XposedGeek which was famous blog 1 year back. I worked with Rohan Arya. Then after 3 months without any knowledge thought to create my own blog.

One of my best friend helped me to do so Arsh Arora. He is a famous blogger from Missing Tricks. He helped me with everything related to blogging.

I posted Loots, Deals, and many other stuffs online. In that I didn’t earned anything till December. Then I earned 8$ (600 Rs) from an Affiliate called as Cuelinks.

This was my first earning of money. I thought to quit blogging many times. But I didn’t I read many tutorials online.

Then after 9 months of hardwork and blogging I earned something from blogging that was from AdSense. It was 130$.

I did some guest posts on other blogs such as Missing Tricks, Dreamy TricksViral Techo. They teached me how to write articles and many other things. Which was really complicated a lot.

People thinks blogging is easy and let’s make a new blog. But believe me its not easy. I have seen people leaving blogging just because it needs time a lot of time.

Redmi 3S International Giveaway

That’s was all about me. Let’s see How can you participate in giveaway.


Redmi 3s International Giveaway

  • Firstly you need to join our group from here: Facebook Group
  • Then like our page from here: Facebook Page
  • If already done. Then subscribe our blog via email. Just check out below.
  • Give a review about our blog. What thing we need to imporve and what things you love. Make sure its legit review.
  • Then comment any number from 1 – 500
  • We will be announcing the winner at 19th August 2016 at 9 P.M (IST)
  • Please make sure you follow all the steps. If I found you cheating you will be disqualified.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Winner will be announced if he/she follows all the steps properly.
  • Don’t try to put multiple comments. We know your IP Address.
  • Don’t even try to use VPN because we know how to identify VPN.


The winner of this giveaway is Rakesh Yadav. This winner was announced on the basis of numbers. The winner was selected using Random.orgI have given the proof here: Check Proof

I have read all the comments and really. Thank you for all your suggestion. I am glad to have friends like you. 🙂

Final Words:

I hope you play properly. Play with the rules. Thank you for visiting and Best of luck with Giveaway.

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  1. I didn’t knw you earlier.. was a daily visitor of , saw some posts / loots which were posted by xaif ! searched on fb added you found your blog and my visiting frm other blogs changed to just xtremetricks only :p
    your blog is just <3 awesome didn't knew about ur fb grp/page liked n joined today :p

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  3. Wow wow wow tooo much good reviews well everyone Done there jobs to get a redmi 3s ???? Well Tbh i am new to your blog and just going to put my first comment to get a redmi 3s :p Tbh i am surfing internet to find some tricks and came here randomly I readed your posts they are good enough and the way you write your articles is the best part i liked about your blog well i am an old member of missing tricks and readed your posts there they are good enough but here you showed your real talent well its about giveaway then this is the first big giveaway i saw by a blog well earticleblog done many giveaways but not this much big and yeah there is no need of improvement just do hard work as you are doing it already.. will get to know about future updates from your blog stayblessed mate keep giveawaying ???????? This blog is <3 love 🙂
    Lol forget to tell the no. so here my no. is 69

  4. Really, A very nice giveaway they way you write article is superb. I was just going through the above comments. All the comments are just great you have done really a good hardwork to maintain this blog. Thank you mate.

    Improve your grammer and I will tell you to post some deals.

    Sorry for my rip english

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  10. Hey. Well i use to visit your blog almost daily since 6-7 months to learn something new every day sometime i don’t get new post that make me sad and i use to visit your old blog the thing i like in your blog we are free to read not to wait 5 second you just need improve interface and when you post some trick try to write lesser.thank you i hope to win..
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  12. ok bruh ok,
    ur site is awesome, plz add some sms bombers xD
    i hope i get redmi 3s as am phoneless since 4 months ;-; plox bro gimme the phone ._.


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