Apple Event 2020: November Apple Keynote!

Apple Event

Apple’s event is an annual conference that showcase all the new things which is going to be released by Apple. Also Read: Meet the Man Who Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7 The conference was held in California in 1990 and traditionally always it takes place

How to Unlock Your PC With Your Android Fingerprint Sensor

Unlock Your PC With Your Android

When it comes to tweaks and customisation, we all know Android is best. Today, I found an app which allows the users to unlock their PC with their Android fingerprint sensor. How cool is that? Personally, When I tried using this app, I faced some

How to Run Virtual Android Machine On Any Android

Run Virtual Android Machine

Have you ever tried Virtual Machine on your windows laptop? You might have used apps like VMWare and Virtual Box. What if I say that you can use the same thing on your Android phone as well. You can run a Virtual machine on any

How To Download and Install Counter Strike On Android

Counter Strike Android

Hey, Fellas! You might have heard about the famous game named as counter strike. It is nowadays trending a lot on the internet. In today’s guide, I am going to tell you about how can you play counter strike game on Android. Today while checking

Download InstaUltra Latest Version For Android 2019


There are so many applications already on my phone, so why do I need InstaUltra and what is InstaUltra? Let’s get there in a minute. First, let’s talk about Instagram: Life is all about cherishing small moments and what better way than capturing and sharing