Download Android P Pixel Launcher On Any Android Device

We all have seen that from Android Nougat, Google Pixel launcher is updated in every Android version. Every Android version is having a different API Level and it always brings something new and this is the reason why Pixel Launcher is different in every release.

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Today, I will be telling you the way you can easily install the Android P Pixel launcher on any android device and without any root access, you can install this launcher on your phone.

If you have installed Android O Pixel launcher then it is having the same features but Google removed the gradient and did some changes in this launcher and you will love the new interface of this launcher.

Download Android P Pixel Launcher

Google Pixel Launcher

If you don’t know about Pixel launcher then let me tell you something about this app. Google Pixel launcher is available only for Google Pixel devices but recently it is been used by many other companies.

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There are features in this launcher which can help you to change the shape of the icons which is newly available in Android Oreo.

You can also enable notification dots on your Android device with the help of the Pixel launcher and there are a lot of great new features which you can enjoy with the help of Pixel launcher.

Download Android P Pixel Launcher On Any Android Device

Android P Pixel launcher is ported by Quinney89. This is the same developer who ported Markup Native Screenshot. If you have an arm or arm64 architecture on your phone you can easily enjoy this launcher on your phone.

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If you are having a phone running arm architecture then you might find some bugs in which the application is getting force close or sometimes you will see an overlay of settings and wallpaper.

This application is in the beta stage and it is not ported properly. I will suggest you wait for sometime and you will see the new feature in this launcher when developer preview 2 will be released.

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How to Download Android P Pixel Launcher

  • Download the Android P Pixel Launcher on your phone from here: Download

Version Info

Software Name Pixel Launcher
Last Updated July 29, 2018
Android Version Requires 5.0+
Total Downloads 5,000+
App Size 4.21 MB
Developer Quinny899
Main Task Change user interface of Android
  • Install the application and you might find an unknown source warning click on settings.

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  • Simply scroll down and enable unknown sources and hit the back button.
  • Try installing the application again on your phone.

Download Android P Pixel Launcher

  • When the installation is done press done button

Download Android P Pixel Launcher

  • Press the home button twice and then you can choose the Pixel launcher from the list.
  • If the application is not getting install then you need to make sure that you delete your older version of Pixel launcher before installing Android P pixel launcher.

Download Android P Pixel Launcher

Final Verdict:

This way you can easily install the Google Pixel launcher on your Android device with rooting your android phone and you don’t need anything to install this application.

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