How To Solve Video Not Available In Your Country Error On YouTube

Hey Fellas! As we all watch YouTube daily in our life so sometime you might be encountering error of YouTube video is not available in your country. Many of times some youtube uploader doesn’t want people to watch their video in some countries and sometimes there

How To Remove Your Phone Number From True Caller

Nowadays we receive many of the unknown calls, and we use the software to search the number is True caller. Whenever we get an unknown call we ask from our friends (True Caller Hai) :P. Many of times we get an error of number not

How to make a bootable USB using Command Prompt (cmd) ?

Hello everyone, as you all might be knowing that windows can be installed using Windows installation CD/DVD but a few might be knowing that windows can be booted and installed using USB drive .The main advantage of making USB drive bootable is that suppose if