WhatsApp Comes up With The New Feature Of Sharing Document Files

Hey Fellas! So today WhatsApp has came up with the new feature in which you can even send documents files to your friends. This update is available on Play Store and as well as on their official site of WhatsApp. As we all know that WhatsApp doesn’t supports sharing of document files there were third party tricks for sending that files to your friends. Most of time we prefers sharing files via Hike or by Google drive but now this feature is available on WhatsApp too


Recently WhatsApp came up with the features of storage permissions in 6.0 and about 100 new emoji and as well as drive chats and image backup in your device, As well as you can check blue ticks from the main screen. The new version of WhatsApp 2.12.498 which is also available on WhatsApp official website

Now WhatsApp supports only sharing of PDF files after some days you can also share docs, XLS, and many of the extensions. This feature is also available in iPhone too. Before sending docs files you must see to it that your friends have also updated their WhatsApp or else they won’t get the files and it will throw an error message


Sharing PDF files to your friends is a bit difficult for now why? This is because when we open chat screen and when we share the documents it will throw you error of no documents found.

How to Send PDF files on WhatsApp

Step 1: Download the official and latest version of WhatsApp from here – http://www.whatsapp.com/android (Important)


Step 2: Now after downloading install the application.

Step 3: Now search for PDF file in your File Manager

Step 4: After that click on Share and share it via WhatsApp


Step 5: Make sure your friend is having updated WhatsApp too.


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    • Hey, User this is not server side feature. If you will update the application then only you will get the option in your WhatsApp of sharing PDF file. If you don’t know how to send it I have mentioned already in above article. In server update you want get WhatsApp who shares docs files you have to update that WhatsApp so that you will get this feature. 🙂 I hope you understand 🙂


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