15 Historic Places Turns Into Beautiful Picasso Art By Prisma Have a Look!

There are many Android applications available on play store and app store and they are having the best functionality of editing the photos. After all these application there is been a boom in the new android application named as Prisma and it is been booming. Prisma application is said to be the picasso in your pocket because of the editing skills of the application.

Nowadays Prisma is having the feature of cartoon your photo and do the best oil effects and many other feature of the application. The prisma application is now available only on the app store for iPhone and it is been said that the prisma application will be also available on play store soon. Famous celebrities are using this application around the world.

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If I have seen many android applications for editing the picture and they are having the best filters available but Prisma is something else which is available for iPhone only.

Even Celebrites are using the Prisma application and Celebrity Deepika padukone using this application and posted on social media.

Deepika Padukone Prisma

Lets have a look at the beautiful images edited by Prsma App

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15 Historic Places Turns Into Beautiful Picasso Art By Prisma

#1. Gateway Of India


#2. India Gate


#3. Giant Himalayan Mountains


#4. Rashtrapathi Bhavan


#5. Qutub Minar


#6. Taj Mahal


#7. Baga Beach – Goa


#8. Varanasi Ghats


#9. Marine Drive – Mumbai


#10. Arambol Beach


#11. Aravallis


#12. Lush Amer Fort


#13. Bandra-Worli Sealink


#14. Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminus – CST Mumbai


#15. Humayun’s Tomb


Image Source: All Tech Buzz

Wrapping up

If you love the effect of the photos so that you can easily download the prisma application from app store.These were some of the best and ionic places which is the best places. This was the article about 15 Historic Places Turns Into Beautiful Picasso Art By Prisma. I hope you love this places. If you have good places want to share with us you can simply share us in below comment. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will surely meet you in the next one and peace out.


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