Changing Time and Date to Jan 1, 1970 Will Brick Your iPhone

Hey fellas! You might be using iPhone or your friends might be having it so some days back a YouTube User name Zack Straley uploaded a video about the bug in an iPhone. In this bug if you set your phone date to Jan 1, 1970 to 1 P.M and reboot it you can’t get your iPhone back. This issues can’t be restored and some of them might say you that try this your iPhone will get an updated boot animation so I will suggest you don’t trust them.

This Bug can’t be solved by restoring your iPhone and you really can’t get it back the only way to get it back is that you have to go at your nearest Apple Store and show them this issues and I hope they will look at this issue. iPhone has invited senior engineers to look in to this matter. Some of the users thought it might be fake and they tried it and they didn’t get their iPhone back and more then thousands of iPhone are getting bricked. This bug is on iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6S all those iPhone which are having 64 Bit Processor and running iOS 8.0 and later versions. Even in iPad, iPods. Please After Reading This Don’t Try This At Home, Friends, or With Your Colleagues If you want to protect your device from this error try to keep your phone date as automatic

If you have been the victim of this bug so I would suggest you to visit your nearest Authorized Apple Store and show them this issue. If you iPhone is under warranty you will get new iPhone or else. If you don’t want to give your mobile to the Apple store so try this method to get your iPhone back

Wait till your device battery gets drained and then plug your mobile phone in charger and reset your device. Blue screen will appear for 3 seconds after some minutes. This is Working Only In Some Mobile Phone.


Now I would like to suggest you not try this at your home or with your friends and keep visiting for more offers, updates and loots Thank You for Visiting.

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