About Me

I am Xaif, my real name is Huzaifa Dhapai.

I started this blog to post about deals and loots and then, later on, I realized that affiliate marketing is not my thing and I found it weird.

I am the guy who loves technology, Android and apps.

I thought to post about technology and tricks about Android, the internet and much more.

I have been an Android Enthusiast for 2 years. I am a web developer & Android Custom ROM developers who know basic of coding and learning a lot of new things every day.

I just love Android and every year it is upgrading and there are always hundreds of changes done in their operating system. I have Google Nexus 5 and I never want to throw this phone because this is my first phone which I bought using my own money after joining my blogging journey.

The name of this blog was Xtreme Tricks and later on, I decided to change the name of my blog to something else and something in which I am interested in more than anything and that was Android. This is the place where droid came.

What about Rax?

I love when someone breaks an iPhone and my favourite YouTuber was TechRax. I thought to add something in this and make it TechVerge.

After my 12th Class, I thought to join a field which will give me an idea about software, hardware, and programming so I thought to join Bachelor of Science and Information Technology (BscIT).

I would highly recommend IIDE’s Digital Marketing Courses.

19 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Read your posts regarding whatsapp bot.
    need help on that.

    can help me in setting up a whatsapp bot?
    if yes, what would be your fees like?
    whatsapp me on +919370006995

  2. i am a youtuber(beginner) and posted 14 videos and doing so..

    but my friend who joined YouTube with my help

    His views and subscribe are very high than me in three days…

    but i’m stuck at a level in case of views and subscribers

    so sometimes i feel demotivated….

    because i am doing my work with full passion and perfection and he is doing it just for money…

    but my graph is going down than him…

    Note: He is getting views by sharing videos in abundance on social media’s.

    pls tell me what should i do..

  3. i hav a old android ph. android ver. 4.0.4.
    so i cant use whatsapp video calling on it.
    is there any trick so i can use vdo calling.
    pls help

  4. Hey brother! You’re awesome. By the way I am requesting you about making a blog on how to port custom recoveries! Please also can you help me regarding this. My phone is Micromax Q4260 evok power and I can’t find a custom recovery and I also can’t port due to lack of my skills! Can you help me !


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